Creating A Creative Space

Several months ago my son and I moved into a small two bedroom, one bathroom apartment following my divorce.  We were used to a larger 2-story home where I had a front room I had designated to be my art/craft room.  It was perfect!  Large windows that let in a lot of great natural light and double french doors with glass to close it off…a built-in bookcase on one whole wall that would provide amazing storage space and room to display some work….a whole room to set up my easel and work space!

Now, as I previously stated, my son and I are in a small apartment.  My painting time has been spent at my coffee table.  Paint splatters now mark my white distressed coffee table and I always ended up having paint tubes, hand towels and wet brushes strewn about in a haphazardly manner.  It drove me crazy!  I soon realized I needed to figure something out.  My father made me a small table to put in the bay window eating area at my old house.  That table now sits in my tiny dining area but has only been used to hold my purse, mail, my son’s backpack, etc.  Being that it’s just my son and I, we tend to casually eat dinner in the living room on TV trays.  So, after some encouragement and suggestion from family, I decided I could use that dining area space to create a small little studio.  

My son and I trekked to Hobby Lobby last night and picked up a cork board (that will display my inspirations, color pallet ideas, and other artistic loves), a small rolling drawer cabinet (to hold my paints, sponges and other utensils), and some project paper (to cover the lovely table my father made when I paint!).  In a short time, I had a little space created!  The only other thing I need to get is a natural-light lamp.  The older apartment I live in is NOT conducive to ideal lighting for painting!!

What I want you all to know is that it’s never impossible to create what you want.  I had gotten a little irritated that my small, poorly lit apartment was not my ideal space to paint.  I was already coming up with ways I could somehow move and find a perfect place to have a studio!  But this place is my current situation and I have to make the best of it.  Just remember that we have to find creative ways to, well….be creative!  My amazingly talented sister finds time to sneek off to a local coffee shop to write.  Other moms that I know pump in their car on their lunch break to store up their milk.  People who live in the city create amazing little gardens on their roof tops!  IT CAN BE DONE!  

Sometimes we come across an amazingly perfect creative space…..but most times we have to create it.  LOVE WHATEVER SPACE YOU HAVE AND MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU!!

Love ya’ll!!  

Published by Cyndi Browning, Artist

I am an abstract artist living in Birmingham, AL with my son. I love the Lord and He has given me this amazing gift and talent that I am so happy to share with you all!

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