About the Artist

About Cyndi Browning, Artist

CYNDI resides in Birmingham, AL with her son, Grayson.  Originally born in Honolulu, Hawaii and being raised in Central Florida, Cyndi spent 10 years living in North Carolina before relocating to Birmingham in 2013.  Cyndi always had a creative spirit and enjoyed drawing and painting in her youth.  She earned a scholarship to the University of North Florida and majored in Art for three semesters.  Deciding at the time that art was not a path she wanted to pursue as a career, she left the university to pursue other things.  Throughout the years, Cyndi worked as a massage therapist and a banker doing AP/AR work.  Now she manages a general contracting company in Birmingham.

From working full time jobs, getting married and having a family, art became just a piece of her past.  It wasn’t until going through a divorce in 2014 that Cyndi found art again – this time as therapy – which helped her to deal during the divorce.  Since then, her passion for creating has re-ignited, which has been the biggest blessing!

When Cyndi is not working full time or painting, she enjoys spending time with her son and family, listening to all kinds of music, cooking and seeing new places.

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